Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brew it!

Dear coffee shops of the world,

Your chai tea lattes suck.  Really, this includes all of you.  Why do you think we want chai flavored syrup in milk?  Why not call it a chai milk steamer?  It's too sweet.  It's too milky.  When I drink tea, I expect there to be brewed tea  in my cup.  Ok fine, I have been to one or two independent coffee shops where they brewed there own chai, but honestly, I wasn't impressed.  Why spend the five bucks?  I make better chai tea at home. 

Here's my recipe. 

3/4 cup brewed black tea
1/4 cup milk (for richer tea, use whole milk or cream)
2 tbs chai flavoring (You can use chai concentrate or chai syrup.  I've tried different brands, and I don't think it matters which one you use)

See how simple it is?  And the nice thing is, your patrons will actually have some caffeine in their drink.  What a concept.