Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brown Sugar

I made peanut butter cookies last night with my kids.  I love peanut butter cookies, but even better than the cookies themselves is the dough.  I think it is the best cookie dough of all.

I struggled a little but with my dough this time, though.  A while back, I accidentally left my brown sugar bag unsealed, and it got rock hard.  I wrapped the hard rock with wet paper towels and resealed it, hoping this would bring the moisture back to the sugar and save it.  It sort of worked.  There was a lot of sugar that became loose and moist, but there were a ton of little hard sugar rocks.  If I picked them up with my finger, they wouldn't crumble.  I tried sifting them...I actually tried three times with different sized strainers, but the sugar was too moist; it didn't sift well. 

So finally I gave up and decided to use white sugar and molassass.  I read on wikipedia that if you mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with one cup of white sugar, it is the same as one cup of brown sugar.  I tried this ratio, but the result was not nearly dark enough for me.  I doubled the molassass, and the mixture was sufficiently dark, but still not as good as brown sugar. 

Mmmmm, I love the way brown sugar mixes with peanut butter.  Sometimes when I'm craving peanut butter cookie dough, I'll dip a tablespoon in peanut butter and then dip it in sugar, and then eat it up.  :)

Anyway...I was concerned about my cookies because they seemed too light in color, but they actually turned out great.  They are really moist, and they didn't seem to get hard the next day.  Maybe the extra molassass made it softer?  I've definately consumed more than my fare share in the last 24 hours...but the kids don't seem to complain.

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  1. Just put a piece of bread in with it for a day and it will be good as new!